Tips, suggestions, ladders, traces carried out: here is all you need to do an argumentative topic of 10 and praise

How to make a theme: complete guide

How do you write a thesis? Does the argumentative theme have a separate lineup or a different outline? What is the secret to take 10 (or at least the highest marks?!?) Whether you are in middle school or high school, it doesn’t matter what you need, be it for the tasks of the holidays, for a task in class or for an exam is understanding how to write a theme. Do we bet that once learned, there will be no more tracks and impossible developments?

In this guide, we at the site editorial staff want to explain you all the tricks to always make beautiful themes (but we also leave you some traces, don’t worry !!!)

Ladder to make a theme: the right scheme to follow

How to make a theme? How to set it in the right way whatever its “variation” (historical, argumentative, topical)? Don’t panic. It is nothing transcendental, rather it is quite simple. It is enough to draw up a pattern, better if written and not only mental in order to avoid forgetting something, on the ugly sheet. This scheme is called a ladder and is nothing more than a small summary of what you have to write in your performance in an orderly way (to avoid going off topic or skipping basic steps!

Let’s look at the basic layout for a perfect lineup:

Introduction: the introduction of the theme is important because here you will present the topic that, a few lines later, you will have to deal with. It serves as an opening to introduce the reader to the environment and the mood of the following text.

Development: it is the heart of your theme. You will have to do it in the most appropriate way possible to the type of theme chosen (argumentative, topical, historical …) and in this part of the song, the longest course, you will have to tell something in an engaging way and analyzing the trace of the work at your disposal, where if it were, try to do it in the best way without going off topic. It is a common mistake to get “to get carried away” and to go and talk about strange things that are not related to the actual text.

Conclusion: equally important phase of the topic. The end is not to be underestimated thinking “now I have done everything I write a line and goodbye”. No, it is important that the theme is done well, of course, but the conclusion is that part of the paper that unites all the dots and shows the reader the whole thing. As a look from above on everything you have written so far.

Argumentative essay: the ladder

Now that you have the general outline clear, we can go a little more in detail and face the lineup of an argumentative theme (one of the most assigned types of theme!).

Let’s start from the principle: the Argumentative Theme, as we can well understand from the name, is a text linked to a certain topic on which you will have to express your opinion or, more precisely, convince the reader of your thesis on that topic using logical reasoning and / or data.

In the argumentative theme for high schools it is also important to make a refutation of the antithesis, that is, to explain why the theories that go against yours are not correct or reliable, get help how to assignment help . Now, finally, let’s see together the lineup for an argumentative theme.

First of all, even before you actually start taking the pen in your hand, you need to assess how much you know about the subject and what thesis you want to take forward in your paper. You must be convinced, otherwise the reader will not be. Now we see the lineup and the right scheme to follow:

Introduction: the first step to do is to choose the thesis, but even before exposing it, you must give the reader a general picture of the situation, just so you will perfectly introduce the context in which we find ourselves.

Thesis: the presentation of your thesis is consequential to the presentation of the topic. Once you have explained everything, you can state your position in this regard. It is important to argue with past historical episodes, data, numbers, examples. Everything you know about the subject could help you. Generally three paragraphs are used that argue your thesis.

Antithesis: it is fundamental as much as your thesis because in the argumentative topic those who have ideas different from yours should be “dismantled” step by step.

Conclusion: it is the final part of your argumentative theme. It is important because the threads of the speech are drawn and you can automatically confirm once again the veracity of your thesis!

How to write a theme for middle school

In middle schools, the topics are very simple and “basic”. The titles of the proposed themes are always more or less the same and deal with generic topics that are easy to carry out. Usually, in view of the third grade exam, it is:

  • Write a diary page
  • Make a report
  • Descriptive text

What you need to remember, however, beyond the difficulty of the theme, is not to write things that go beyond what is the main topic of the text and which is obviously found in the title.

Here too, the ladder and scheme to use is the same as above and consists of:

  • Introduction
  • Progress
  • Conclusion

To not go off topic, first complete your scheme in detail and read it again trying to understand if you have actually entered all the useful information or if there is something too much!

Finally, always carefully read the whole story very carefully and if you have any doubts about how to write some words, always check the dictionary.