Do you have to face an argumentative topic and are you afraid of forgetting something inherent in the lineup with all the steps to follow before reaching the conclusion? Here is our map!

Argument Text Scheme: the lineup

One of the most important parts when dealing with the writing of an argumentative text is certainly the lineup. To do it in the best way it can be useful to make also a scheme for the line of argumentative text, in order to graphically see all the key points to be addressed. First of all, it must be remembered that an argumentative theme has as its ultimate goal to carry forward an idea of yours, or your thesis, on a specific topic refuting, step by step, the possible antitheses. In the end so you will come to a conclusion that proves the veracity of your thesis, belittling all contrary hypotheses. The scheme for an argumentative text (or conceptual map for the lineup) thus provides an introduction with the explanation of the topic, presentation of the thesis, of the antithesis, the refutation of the latter and the conclusions. Let us see, however, together a concept map inherent in the Argumentative text lineup that is much easier to understand!

Conceptual Textual Map Lineup

Let us now see, helped by the images, how to make a conceptual map for the line of the Arguments. We immediately propose you the map for the complete lineup and then we analyze it together, step by step.

Conceptual Map Topic Text: presentation of the topic

The first step to take is to present the topic you are going to deal with: to give an example if you need to make an argumentative text on the importance of the internet, you will begin by explaining in a generic and objective way what the internet is and what it is for. From this topic you will then have to pull out your thesis and also the antithesis.

Argument Text Scheme: presentation of the thesis

The next step is to present your thesis: the idea that you carry out in your topic of argumentation. Remaining in the example of the internet, we pretend that your thesis is the importance of using the internet, you will have to express it and also bring arguments to support your thesis as newspaper articles or sentences by famous authors.

Argumentative Text Line Up: presentation of the antithesis

Immediately afterwards comes the most important moment, namely the presentation of the antithesis, of the arguments in support of this and the relative refutation. In the case of the internet, you can talk about those who claim that the internet has caused more damage than progress, bring some examples to support and then refute everything with strong arguments that instead show how, despite the possible defects of the use of the internet, this medium is fundamental for the progress.

Conceptual Map Topic Text: conclusion

The final step is simply the conclusion in which, strengthened by the refutation of the arguments in favor of the antithesis, you propose again your initial idea, your thesis, and support it with greater force.