To explain how to make a theme we have already told you everything you can, from the performance to the lineup, going through the importance of the draft and not going off topic. Still, there are still 3 golden tips that we can give you to make you do a 10-e theme!


it may be that, writing, so many synonyms do not come to mind. The risk is to always use the same words, transforming the theme into a heavy and redundant piece without any appeal in the eyes of the reader. The vocabulary of synonyms and antonyms will be your best friend.

Style: use a different way of writing than you usually have. Not to distort you, but to demonstrate to the professors that you can speak in a polished and serious way.

Azzardo: we’re not telling you to invent something or write a theme that talks about unicorns. But if you feel to let yourself go a little and put your heart into it, always maintaining a serious and polished style, do it. Emotionality, where possible, is important and writing with passion is a point in your favor. Always.

Current topics

How about seeing together some topical issues already done from which to take inspiration and be inspired to then make your own? Here are our suggestions!